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Dave Mason


I'm an actor. I moved to New York City over 16 years ago to make it big. Somewhere along the way, to my shock and dismay, I learned that actors have to pay their bills just like real people. So over the years, I've turned what was a hobby into a second career.

I've met a lot of people whose websites are stuck in a time warp because:

  • their developer won't return their calls
  • they thought they knew enough to make the changes themselves
  • their developer charges too much to make updates and their techie friend is too busy to help

Stop the madness. I build websites that bridge the gap between code and customer. Are you an actor who needs to update your online resume or upload new headshots? Do it yourself. A musician who's got to enter new tour dates and upload your latest video? Do it yourself. A small business owner who needs to update your latest line of vintage underwear? Please. Do it yourself.

Time to take control of your web presence. Take the geek out of the equation and see how the web can work for you.


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Take the geek out of the equation.

Put the web to work for you.

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